1: Co-hosts Adam and Devon Bate talk podcast and share their health and fitness stories


For the first episode of the Daily Lifestyle Accountability Show, Devon and I introduce ourselves and the podcast. We chat about how we get involved with health and fitness, share some of our favourites, and what keeps us accountable.

Adam Bate

Adam shares his story about getting involved with health and fitness. How life after University was a challenge, especially when he was used to being so athletic and on the go throughout most of his childhood. His story might be quite similar to yours.

Favourite Workout

Plyometric jump training from the original P90X. The ultimate Tuesday workout.

Favourite Meal

Baked pork chop with sauerkraut, steamed broccoli, and fried kidney beans with cayenne pepper and garlic.

Current Fitness Goals

Finish the full round of P90X for the first time ever.

What Keeps Adam Accountable and Motivated?

This website and podcast. Family. Lots of determination.

Devon Bate

Devon shares his story in today’s podcast and chats about the moment in time when he realized that he needed to get into shape. His tipping point was overhearing a specific conversation between two other people in a mall.

Favourite Workout

Anything shoulders for resistance, and anything HIIT for an all around burn.

Favourite Meal

Taco Salad.

Current Fitness Goals

Complete 100 consecutive pushups.

What Keeps Devon Accountable and Motivated?

Devon’s girlfriend is a big accountability partner. This website keeps him focused as well.

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episode 1 with Adam and Devon Bate

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