Day 3: Why you might fail with diets and this challenge and how to make sure you don’t

As Day 3 comes to an end I wanted to take this podcast to talk about two of the main reasons that people typically fail when starting a new diet or health and fitness lifestyle change. If you’re joining us for the 90 day challenge, or you’re just trying to stick with some of your […]

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Day 2: Arrival of the shakes, potential threats, and reviewing day 1 and 2.

Well we made it through the first couple days of the challenge and although we don’t have a lot to talk about, I must say that it’s been really nice to receive all the kind emails and messages about this site and this initiative. We had over 100 people to the site yesterday as we […]

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Weighing in, before photos, and goals: Adam

Today marks the start of our 90 day fitness and weight loss challenge here on As mentioned in our first podcast, we’re off to a good start here on Day 1. Weigh in: 224 lbs. This is pretty much the heaviest I’ve been at well over 30 pounds heavier than I weighed in university. […]

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Day 1: Welcome To The Body By Bate Daily Podcast

The challenge is upon us! We decided to start our challenge on a Monday to give ourselves the weekend to get in all those last minute goodies that things that we felt we’d be craving over the next few months. For the most part, we’re pretty excited to get going. We have our shakes ready […]

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