Learning To Disconnect

This is one of the biggest issues I have with technology. It’s everywhere and it follows me wherever I go. Sure, this is amazing for doing business on the go (and don’t get me wrong I love that ability) but it also interferes with other areas of my life. Always being plugged in means that […]

Meal Replacement Shakes: Weight Loss, Comparison Chart, And Choosing The Best One

If you follow our podcast at all you’ll know that we’ve tried our fair share of meal replacement shakes. We have publicly endorsed Body By Vi as a shake we were using personally to help with weight loss and weight management. Although shakes are still part of our lives, they don’t make up a core […]

9 Quick Actions You Can Do Today To Reclaim Your Health And Fitness

How many times have you looked at a picture of yourself from the past and thought “wow, look how good I looked then.” Does that happen often? Remember how good you felt in those pictures too? How long have you been making excuses about your lack of health and fitness? I’ll get healthy then. I’ll […]

Power naps: how a double espresso and 20 minutes can add hours of productivity

Photo source: ghirson on Flickr Ever since my second year of University when I had to pull a few all nighters I always advocated for the power nap. I remember as a kid, my dad sometimes laying on the couch for five or ten minutes – his response when asked was that he was taking […]

Cheat days: why they are important and why I love them

With my cheat day only one day away, I sat down to make a shopping list of things I wanted to pick up for it. I like to go all out on my cheat days because I am very strict with how healthy I eat during the week. Here’s my shopping list for tomorrow: 20 […]

How to stay healthy while travelling and on vacation (and updates from my own)

It’s easy to get out of routine and make poor food and exercises choices while travelling and on vacation. Don’t let your travels be an excuse to get lazy. My girlfriend and I just got back from 18 days travelling and vacationing in Ireland. It was amazing – something we were looking forward to for […]

My Marathon Training Program And Review: From 40+ Pounds Overweight To Running A Marathon In Under 5 Months

This post has been a long time coming. I completed my first marathon in Spring of 2013 after deciding to turn my life around and losing over 40 pounds. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a little bit of motivation to push through or you are training for your own marathon – this post will […]

BBB 012: Our plans for the next 90 days, P90X, and the exciting future of the podcast

After a wonderful summer spent travelling, camping, lounging, and ultimately eating and drinking perhaps more than we should have we are back at it again. We are embarking on yet another 90 days of pushing our health and fitness forward. This 90 days will be a little bit different though. We’re focusing on fitness more […]

4 Tips For Those Thinking About Becoming A Vegetarian (BBB 011)

A vegetarian lifestyle can be extremely healthy if you understand some nutrition fundamentals and do your homework. A vegetarian diet is typically more healthy due to the increase in vegetables, not necessarily due to the decrease of meat. That said, it has become a pretty popular diet choice over the last couple decades and it […]

BBB 010: Getting past the stigma of losing weight

There’s a lot of hesitation or resistance to weight loss. A lot of extremes and confusion, and it has become a very taboo topic to discuss. Talking about weight loss and being healthy should not be so difficult. Today’s show is a pretty serious one. After a few weeks hiatus trying to enjoy some of […]