200: Nicole From Fitful Focus Talks Healthy Living and Running


What does it take to get healthy and change your lifestyle? Join us as we chat with Nicole, a young professional living in New York City. In 2012, Nicole challenged herself to live a healthier life and has since lost 20 pounds, and completed her first marathon. She shares her adventures with health and fitness over at FitfulFocus.com.

Biggest challenge

Nicole talks about how fuelling herself while running has been one of the biggest challenges.

How do you stay so motivated and accountable?

Always finding a new fitness goal to keep things new and fresh is a big motivator. The blog and online community is also a big accountability tool.

Key Advice For Beginners

1. Start slow. 2. Find something you love.

Inspirational Quote:

“Just keep going.”

Favourite Meal:


Favourite Workout


Interview Links & Resources Mentioned:

Nicole’s Blog
Nicole on Facebook
Nicole on Twitter
Energy Bits
Quest Bars
Fit Aspire

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  1. Nicole @ Fitful Focus July 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm #

    Thanks so much for having me on the show! I had a blast!

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