138: Sabrina Shares Her Story Of Running 30 Half Marathons Before Turning 30


What does it take to get healthy and change your lifestyle? Join us as we chat with Sabrina, a healthy living enthusiast who is extremely passionate about running. She has recently completed her 30 before 30 challenge, completing 30 half marathons before turning 30. She shares her own health and fitness journey over at Bean-JustPloddingAlong.Blogspot.com.

Biggest challenge

Sabrina’s family moves quite often. This is a big challenge trying to get into a new routine in a new location. She shares this story and how she manages these hurdles as they approach.

How do you stay so motivated and accountable?

Viewing herself as an athlete who is trying to accomplish goals changes the way Sabrina approaches things and helps her stay on track.

Key Advice For Beginners

Make it fun. Find something that you really like to do.

Inspirational Quote:

“You can do hard things.” Or “It doesn’t matter what people think about you, it’s what you think of yourself that really counts.”

Favourite Meal:

Veggies omelette with hash browns

Favourite Workout

Running: speed work on a track.

Interview Links & Resources Mentioned:

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episode 138 with Sabrina from Bean-JustPloddingAlong.Blogspot.com

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